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Introduction to Personal Finance

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The Course

Blue Chip's Intro to Personal Finance offers young people the knowledge they can use today, while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. This course not only equips students with the mindset and the skillset to pursue big goals, but it also helps them sidestep devastating mistakes they may make as they grow older.

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Why personal finance matters
  2. Careers & income streams
  3. Setting a budget
  4. Avoiding ill-advised decisions
  5. Debt, bad debt, and leverage
  6. Achieving goals, short- and long-term
  7. Saving and interest rates
  8. Compound interest & time value of money
  9. Why should you invest?

In this class you will:

  • Learn practical financial concepts
  • Understand how wealth is built and grown
  • Practice long-term thinking and planning
  • Discern responsible decisions
  • Get curious about finance & business

In-person class hosted at The Hive (Sheung Wan)

The People

Sebastian Lehmann

Program Principle
UPenn, Co-founder

David Tsuei

Course Instructor
Johns Hopkins, Private Wealth
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